4 Reasons Why Creating LinkedIn-Specific Content Is Important

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  LinkedIn, is the business social medium. It is where all of the professionals and Fortune 500 companies hang out and, well, do business. Want to be successful on LinkedIn? Create LinkedIn-specific content (written, audio, video, images). Here are my … Continued

5 Reasons Why You Must Go Live to Survive

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Many people are saying that livestreaming is the wave of the future. They couldn’t be more wrong. Livestreaming is NOW! It is the present. This is not 2015 with Meerkat (RIP), Blab (RIP) and Periscope. Livestreaming has evolved. Every major … Continued

Carlarjenkins.com Has An 8 Minute 5 Second Average Session Duration

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Google Analytics reports that my www.carlarjenkins.com visitor stays on my page for an AVERAGE 8 minutes and 5 seconds! That is a mighty long time. I am happy that readers are receptive towards reading my content and watching my videos. … Continued

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