2018 Outlook

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Although I have experience a lot of positive growth in 2017, I promise that 2018 will be even better! I am very ambitious and ready better outcomes! This year will focus on these goals:

  • Cash flow positive
  • 25,000 annual visitors
  • Alexa rank of under 1 million
  • Working with brands and businesses
  • Getting represented by top social media agency
  • Getting a major book deal
  • Featured guest blog posts



Cash flow positive

Solvency is the most important aspect for Phenomena Corporation. It will increase its solvency and cash flow positive status in each quarter.

25,000 annual visitors

This is ambitious but I do think that with my doing more guest posts and accepting guest posts that will receive double the traffic.

Alexa rank of under 1 million

The combination of guest blogging, increased social media following and content creation will get the site under 1 million Alexa.

Working with brands and businesses

Phenomena has already landed its first paid client. We will keep working with brands and businesses in business, branding, social media and project management fields.

Getting represented by a top social media agency

Phenomena is uniquely positioned in the business and project management space with Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter to land a gig there. We are niche in these three social media and particularly Pinterest where there aren’t a lot of dominant players.

Getting a major book deal

Phenomena is building upon Carla R Jenkins’ Expand Your Personal Brand. There will be a new book coming out in 2018. Once again, brands have been actively reaching out to the CEO since 2017. This year, we will leverage our relationships into a book deal.

Featured guest blog posts

Receiving 12 guest posts (1 per month) is the goal. We already have one contracted for January. These posts will be republished on Also Phenomena Corporation will start looking for guest blog posts for

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