Carla’s Correspondence Issue 28 Spring Cleaning the Company

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Spring is starting to sprung and I have been on a contract assignment this week. Business is starting to pick up which is great. I am happy about this especially since there have been several contract holds. These holds have me revisiting my strategy; and, none too soon because spring will be here this month. In addition, we will approach the 90-day mark. Three months is than a sufficient amount to collect performance metrics. I know what’s working and what is not working.


What’s Working

  • Project management – I have been receiving a whole lot of positive responses regarding my project management Instagram video series and project management Pinterest board. This is the direction that Phenomena Corporation will be going in 2017.
  • Livestreaming – I am receiving a lot of positive feedback and traction through Periscope, Facebook Live. I have increased my frequency on Facebook Live and have been rewarded with more views. Also I share my broadcasts during the evening to get more eyeballs.


What’s Not Working

  • Focusing on two things – I was focusing on both personal branding and project management. After having my mastermind conversation, I’ve decided to rebuild focusing solely on project management. I am receiving a lot more positive interactions through one singular focus.
  • Blogtalkradio – I had to cancel last week’s Project Management Monday’s broadcast over technical difficulties. I am still recording on Soundlcoud and am in the process of resolving my tech issues
  • Online store traffic – It is less than desirable BUT since I am focusing on only project management, store traffic will gain traffic.

What’s Next for March : Spring Cleaning 5-Day Challenge

  • More project management videos and podcasts – I have already shot 9 more project management tip videos covering 1 ½ more weeks. On Instagram, I am averaging over 10 video views every day. This means that people are watching. My followers have increased. I will also record more Project Management Minute episodes to better educate the listeners.
  • Earned Value Management Spring Cleaning 5-day Challenge – This challenge’s focus will be on earned value management (EVM). Earned value management is a cost management tool that helps you calculate the difference between planned value and earned value. EVM is a very important metric for project managers. I am also centering this spring clean challenge around EVM because we are in the third month and by the end of the challenge, we would have been at the 90-day mark. If you aren’t satisfied with your first quarter progress then you can apply these EVM tools and do something about it! I will send you the sign-up link once the page goes live because I KNOW that you would be interested in this.


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