Carla’s Correspondence: Issue 37 : Growth Is Uncomfortable. Do It Anyway!

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Spring is here and now is the season for growth. This newsletter is centered around growth. Growth is uncomfortable. Let’s use flowers for example. They start off of as a seed. After watering and sunlight, they start growing. They have to push through the dirt (so do we). Once they do, they blossom. This issue will help you push through the dirt. I have the best personal and professional growth resources out there.

Personal Growth Resources

Here’s 14 Ways to Stimulate Personal Growth by Huffington Post (I totally agree with not comparing yourself to other on social media. Remember, Instagram has many filters. They are only posting what you want to see).

5 Tips for Stimulate Personal Growth from Honey Colony:

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  1. Julie S Pit Stop Crew

    Change, Growth, call it what you like Means we are getting out of the norm we know, comfort zone, so its uncomfortable. Yet Innevitable. Thanks for sharing your post on Weleda toothpaste at the blogger’s Pit Stop. Keep em coming! ?
    Pit Stop Crew

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