Carla’s Correspondence : Issue 48 : Stepping Into Your Expertise

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This year has been transitional. I have learned that people view me as an expert. Today I receive an email from my Facebook follower asking me to find a scope management plan template. Scope is what’s in and out of the project plan. He views me as the expert The same with recruiters and people emailing me through LinkedIn. Now, I have admitted numerous times that I have horrible tunnel vision. There is no way around it. Once I am committed to the goal, I put my head down and finish the goal.

Last week I went to the Bloomberg Government event to show my readers that I can get out of the house. I have also realized that since I worked at the federal government and earned a PMP, that I was an expert. A graduate student was seated at my table and I gave her internship pointers. There was another gentleman who asked me about the PMP exam. I told him to take the PMP now in 2017 because the new guide will be published this September. The test will change this January 2017. I am sharing these examples to show areas where you can identify. Maybe you are already an expert too?

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