Carla’s Correspondence : Issue 51 : Get Camera Ready!

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You know that I am a full-blown Trekker (I was raised on the ORIGINAL Star Trek starring William Shatner thank you very much!) and always an early adopter of new technology (I have been on Periscope since July 2015!). So when I learned about Facebook’s latest Watch live TV launch, you know that I had to cover it! This entire edition is all about Facebook Live and how to prep yourself for all of the upcoming changes that will positively affect your brand if participate!


Set Your Facebook Live on Fire

I write about the many ways that you can use Facebook Live to promote yourself and your business. I leave no stone unturned in this article because I want you, the reader, to win!

National Public Radio writes an in-depth article about the new Facebook Watch feature. It is where I have obtained the Facebook Watch inquiry and Ad breaks links.

Here is the actual Facebook Watch show inquiry link. This link lets you submit your Facebook Live show idea. It lists many categories to choose from:

The Facebook Ad Breaks link is a beta program allowing you to receive ad money for your Facebook Live videos. Hey, get paid!

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