Carla’s Correspondence : Issue 55 : You Can Go from Blog to Brand!

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Whether or not you are new or a longtime subscriber (thank you by the way!), you know that I always highlight my blogging skills. I firmly believe in using blogging to advance yourself. There are three things that paralyze people: 1) how do I get started; 2) how can I afford to pay for a website? And 3) how do I keep from burning out? Every week, I will address each one of these questions.

First: How do I get started? Focus on what you like doing and which blogs you like reading. When I mean blogs, it can be any website. It can be newspapers, magazines. It can even be YouTube or livestream shows. Right now, just focus on what you like seeing currently. That material does something emotionally to you. You want people to feel the same way whenever you write. That’s where you start.

Next you add your own personality into it. Do not fear being bland or invisible from everyone else. People will flock to you because you have something special to offer. I admit several times in this newsletter that I have horrible tunnel vision. I am still touched whenever someone inboxes me saying that they love my writing. It warms my heart. Someone’s inbox is awaiting your greatness! 

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Pick three things that you like writing about. For me, it is branding, project management and social media. The next step is looking at the market to see what’s currently selling. I am an economist at heart and always look at supply and demand. This is important because you want to be visible. Branding, project management and social media are all high-profile topics so whenever I have write about them, people read the posts. Do the same thing with the worksheet.

I am giving you this resource because I don’t want YOU to make it hard. No paralysis of analysis! It has taken me 2 years for monetize my blog. Remember, whether or not it is my book or blog, I always want to eliminate the learning curve. Seeing what’s selling in the market will help you advance faster because you are serving an existing market. When people who are already interested in what you’re writing about then you don’t have to work as hard to brand yourself in the marketplace.

If you still feel that you are still unsure about taking on blog, that’s okay. Here’s another story. I was initially fearful of republishing my blog content on LinkedIn because I thought that people would ridicule me and I saw so many stupid things being posted on LinkedIn Pulse. However, that mentality kept me away from my core audience and expanding my brand.

Need more insight and encouragement? Sure! That’s what this newsletter is all about. Here is my new video discussing why you need a blog. I discuss five reasons why inserting my own entrepreneurial expertise as running two online stores.


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