Carla’s Correspondence : Issue 61 : Growth in Visibility

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I received my Facebook On this Day memory and saw my first professional video shoot. A year ago, Fitz Hardnett shot my first video shoot for my LinkedIn Profinder videos. It was an experience. I saw where I started to where I was today. I put the two videos below:

October 2016:

October 2017:

Here are two of my five takeaways from doing professional video shoots for over one year:

The Power of Video

Video is the biggest converter out there. At my first professional video, I was nervous because I never did this. I was used to blogging and doing podcasting.

The Power of YouTube

As much as I loved Periscope and livestream (still do), I realized the power of YouTube. YouTube was the second largest search engine owned by Google, the largest search engine. Yes, livestream was all the rage and I never discounted the importance of being on Periscope, Twitter Live, Facebook Live, and Instagram Live, but YouTube was where it was at! YouTube had serious search engine optimization (SEO). The higher you’re ranked, the more visible you become.

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