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Welcome back to a brand-new Monday! I am still stoked that people are waking up to read my blog! This Morning Magnet series to really my thank you letter to you! I am just blogging, communicating and offering business insight. I am grateful that you love it and come here every single day!

Today all three of my newsletters go out! I do this because I want to start my subscribers’ week off on a high note. They receive specific information that is NOT on this blog. They have given me their emails. I owe them the best-quality content that I can provide. Want to be on my lists?

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I have been on the go last week attending the Bloomberg Government event where the panelists discussed the federal government and program management. It was an informative event. Read my takeaway here:

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There has been a lot of activity. The feed curates the best in business, social media, entrepreneurship and project management videos, podcasts and articles. Like the page today!


Confession – I Have Killed the Make It Better Series

I have killed the four-week webinar series because no one was watching and it was based on someone else’s challenge. I am focused on doing YouTube livestreams focused on my current products, eBay store and Project Management Mondays Live TV episodes. Speaking of Project Management Monday Live, I have an all-new episode today at 6pm EST/ 3pm PST. I look forward to seeing you in the audience! Click the link below to watch me live!





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    • carlarjenkins

      Thanks! I’ve created this series because I’ve noticed that people are reading my blog in between 5am-8am. I am happy to have such loyal readers.

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