Project Communication Through Newsletters

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I am right back at it with another PMP docuseries installment. This time I am featuring my PM.Project newsletter. Since 2016, I have consistently written a weekly newsletter covering the latest in project management news and trends. PMI has added a Giving Back category to its PMP certification renewal process and has listed newsletters under content creation.

I started PM.Project because people were coming to me based on my PMP. Plus I loved sharing project management tips. This newsletter has allowed me to do what I love to do best: communicate with people. You can sign up for the best project management newsletter around here.

My list is small but I am decided towards notifying my subscribers about the latest project management goings on. Moreover, I have decided to write about newsletters because they are oftentimes overlooked. I mean you have websites, podcasts, and videos. People also protect their inboxes at all costs. I am proof that PMI only cares that you are out there being a goodwill ambassador for project management not how many subscribers you have.



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