Receiving 200,000 Periscope Hearts

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I have awakened to a pleasant surprise this morning: 200,000 Periscope hearts! I treasure this milestone even more because I haven’t been on the pass the cast. I have been on my grind so this growth is organic. I have improved my content and have taken over the project management hashtag. Periscope is great for lead generation because unlike Facebook Live and Instagram Live, it is linked to Twitter. You can search by hashtag. That’s how people who don’t follow with you on Twitter but will discover on you on Periscope via hashtag.



Periscope Future Goals : 250,000 Periscope hearts

Before I hit 250,000 hearts

  • I will create constant sales flow via my online store
  • Increase my mailing list subscribers
  • Delve deeper into content delivery with project management and change management


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