September 2016 Accomplishments

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Phenomena Corporation is happy to announce a lot of positive moves with this enterprise. It has received a lot of LinkedIn ProFinder proposals due to its aggressive YouTube video marketing campaign. Furthermore, it has improved its social media strategy gaining followers and traction in Pinterest and Instagram. Below are the highlights:

Video Marketing Campaign Has Yielded a Lot of LinkedIn ProFinder Proposals

Phenomena has received at least 1 LinkedIn ProFinder proposal per week due to its video marketing campaign. CEO Carla R Jenkins has recorded a new video every week to generate interest. The different videos give potential clients different looks at Phenomena. Also no one wants to get bored watching the same video. Check out all of Phenomena’s video on Carla R Jenkins’ YouTube channel:

Carla R Jenkins YouTube

Social Media Footprint Has Increased


The company’s Pinterest channel has growth significantly since August. Currently, we are at 920 followers. This has come from rearranging our boards positioning all of the blogs and subject matter at the top; copying and pinning the PM.Expert articles into the Project Management board; pinning the Project Management Minute podcasts; pinning the YouTube LinkedIn ProFinder videos. Phenomena’s goal is to have 1000 by the end of October.

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Phenomena’s Instagram growth originates with its LinkedIn ProFinder videos and eBay Adventure blog posts. Currently there are 370 followers. Since Instagram has allowed boosted ads through promoted posts, the company’s goal is to have 400 followers and at least one ad running on this platform every day. Instagram promote posts are cheaper than Facebook ads ($1 versus $5).

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